Find Hope At Our Brooksville, Florida Treatment Center for Addiction

At Sabal Palms Recovery Center, located in Brooksville, Florida, we believe that recovery from addiction is possible, and we work with our clients to help them manage withdrawal symptoms and learn relapse prevention skills. We provide residential addiction treatment for adults age 18 and older who are suffering from substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns.  

Benefits of Residential Addiction Treatment

Addiction negatively affects the way a person thinks, feels, and behaves and can lead to destructive outcomes if left untreated. Because of the uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe symptoms of withdrawal, it can be difficult for someone who is struggling with an addiction to stop substance use on their own.  

By receiving substance use disorder treatment, you can limit your risk for experiencing continued negative effects of addiction, learn how to regain control of your behaviors, and develop skills to prevent relapse.  

Additionally, when you receive addiction treatment, you can discover that you are not alone. Suffering from an addiction can be an isolating experience. You may feel that no one understands what you’re going through, or that no one could possibly help you. When you enter an effective residential treatment center for addiction, you can discover the power and promise of community.  

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong effort. When you get the comprehensive, personalized addiction treatment that’s right for you, you can become better prepared to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy and productive manner without resorting to substance abuse.  

While suffering from an addiction can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed, you can find hope and healing when you get professional help. Getting residential addiction treatment at Sabal Palms Recovery Center can help you gain a solid foothold in early recovery while preparing you for sustained success in the months and years to come.  

Residential addiction treatment is a long-term, structured form of care that can help our clients build a foundation for lasting recovery. Key features and advantages of residential treatment can include:  

  • Diverse treatment modalities 
  • Nutritious meals 
  • Structured daily schedules 
  • Supervision by a multidisciplinary staff of physicians, social workers, counselors, and nurses 
  • Peer support 

How To Help a Loved One Who Could Benefit from Addiction Treatment

When you have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction, it can disrupt your life, and you may feel frustrated and discouraged as you watch them suffer. Helping someone who has a substance use disorder can be challenging, but there are many ways you can support them in their recovery, such as: 

  • Share your thoughts and emotions: Starting a conversation with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction may seem overwhelming. However, when you have a two-way conversation instead of giving them a lecture, you can show that you care without sounding accusatory or judgmental. 
  • Expand your knowledge: Do research on the causes and signs of addiction as well as the available treatment options in your area. 
  • Seek professional assistance: Encourage your loved one to seek help from a behavioral health professional like a counselor, therapist, or addiction specialist.  
  • Find your support group: Whether you enlist other loved ones or seek out community groups, getting support from others can be crucial. 
  • Establish clear boundaries: Communicating healthy boundaries can ensure that your loved one takes accountability for their decisions and actions. 
  • Offer your assistance: Let your loved one know that you are available to help them find professional resources like therapists and addiction treatment programs. 
  • Celebrate progress: Acknowledging and celebrating progress, however small, can be very motivating for your loved one. Positive reinforcement is a powerful way to support someone in the healing process. 
  • Promote healthy lifestyle shifts: In addition to helping your loved one get professional treatment, encouraging them to make healthier lifestyle choices can benefit them. You can contribute to their health and wellness by helping them eat a healthier diet, develop new hobbies, or get more exercise.  

Getting Help at Our Brooksville Addiction Treatment Center

Situated 45 miles from Tampa, our treatment center in Brooksville, Florida, offers premier residential addiction treatment that addresses a person’s comprehensive recovery needs in a beautiful and inspiring setting. We provide care for those who have primary substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns.  

Our residential treatment center can offer the following for those who are struggling with addictions and co-occurring mental health concerns: 

  • In-depth evaluation: Before you receive treatment, you’ll complete a thorough evaluation that will help us learn about your background, including your substance use history and symptoms. 
  • Co-occurring mental health concern expertise: If you’re struggling with an addiction and a co-occurring mental health concern, we provide care for each simultaneously. We believe that we can help you achieve optimal results when we address these concerns together. 
  • Safety and support: An untreated addiction is a threat to your health. When you receive addiction treatment at Sabal Palms Recovery Center, you can get support from medical and behavioral health professionals who prioritize your health and safety.  
  • Serene setting: Sabal Palms Recovery Center is located on 10 acres of wooded land in Brooksville, Florida. Our campus provides a beautiful natural setting that includes walking paths, woods, and water features like lakes and rivers. Additionally, we have outdoor areas designated for physical exercise and socializing. 
  • Extended care: Residential addiction treatment programming at our addiction treatment center typically lasts for 21-30 days. This extended period of care can benefit those who need time to process their experiences and develop skills to help them heal. 
  • Comfortable lodging: You’ll reside in shared lodging that is set among the wooded landscape of our campus. 
  • Individualized treatment: Your addiction treatment plan at our residential treatment center will be tailored to your specific needs.  
  • Comprehensive care: We offer a wide range of therapies that can help us meet the full scope of your needs, including treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders.  
  • Clinical excellence: We have high standards for providing quality clinical care.  
  • Aftercare planning: Before you are discharged, we will work with you to develop an aftercare plan so that you have ongoing support and identified resources to use once you leave our addiction treatment center. We can also provide training to help you maintain the new skills you may have gained during your time with us.  

Following an assessment of your needs, we will develop a treatment plan that incorporates a variety of evidence-based therapies and experiential practices to help you achieve your treatment goals. Clients at our residential addiction treatment center have access to the following types of services and therapies:  

  • Evidence-based detox services: For clients who arrive at our treatment center with dangerous substances in their systems, we provide detox services. Clients typically receive these services for the first five to seven days of their stay with us, depending on their needs. During this time, our staff helps them rid their bodies of toxic chemicals while ensuring their comfort and safety as they go through the withdrawal process. 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Our mental health professionals use CBT to help clients alter their negative thinking habits so that they can better handle stress. The coping skills clients learn through CBT can help them prevent relapse and achieve lasting recovery. 
  • Individual, family, and group therapies: Clients can receive individual and family therapies from a social worker or licensed practical counselor on an as-needed basis. Additionally, we provide daily group therapy sessions led by licensed therapists, nurses, counselors, and mental health technicians. Overall, treatment takes place around six hours each day. Therapy sessions cover a wide variety of topics, including the principles of the 12-Step program, medication education, coping strategies, life skills, and psychoeducational therapies. 
  • Medication management services: For clients whose treatment plans include medications, we provide medication management services, which include daily meetings with a psychiatrist and monitoring by our registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse practitioners. 
  • Basic medical care: We provide basic medical care for clients who need it. 

Throughout your time at our Brooksville residential addiction treatment center, our team will monitor the progress you’re making in your treatment process and, if necessary, adjust your treatment plan to ensure that you continue to receive the maximum benefit from your time with us. If you have any questions about how the team at our residential addiction treatment center can address your specific needs, please contact us. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions or help you begin the admissions process