Find Hope At Our Brooksville, Florida Treatment Center for Depression

Sabal Palms Recovery Center is a premier residential treatment center in Brooksville, Florida, that provides individualized treatment for adults age 18 and older. We serve individuals who have a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder and may also have a co-occurring mental health concern like depression. We understand that every person is unique, our team of mental health experts creates a specialized plan of care for each client that includes a variety of evidence-based therapies. At the core of our treatment approach is the belief that everyone has the innate ability to heal and live a full and meaningful life. 

Co-Occurring Depression Treatment Overview

Chronic use of substances can lead to changes in brain chemistry and function, which can potentially trigger or exacerbate depression symptoms. For example, substances like alcohol and opioids affect the brain systems involved in mood regulation. The lifestyle associated with substance abuse, including social isolation, relationship problems, and financial or legal issues, can also contribute to the development of co-occurring depression. 

Depression is a debilitating mental health disorder that can affect a person’s daily mood, strain their important relationships, and jeopardize their career. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, deciding to get treatment is a courageous choice that reflects hope for the future.  

At our residential co-occurring depression treatment center, clients can receive 24-hour care as they focus on healing. Finding the right type of co-occurring depression treatment is a matter of determining which provider is best prepared to meet your unique needs. The ideal co-occurring depression treatment center for you is one that provides the care that will help you achieve your immediate and long-term goals.  

Residential co-occurring depression treatment at Sabal Palms Recovery Center in Brooksville, Florida, includes daily therapy, round-the-clock support, and close collaboration with a team of experienced professionals. By getting residential treatment, you can receive individualized care and begin to build a foundation for meaningful change. 

Therapies Used in Co-Occurring Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the most widespread mental health disorders worldwide. Many people who struggle with addictions and co-occurring depression do not get the treatment they need to combat the negative effects. At Sabal Palms Recovery Center, co-occurring depression treatment includes evidence-based therapies that can help people learn the tools they need to thrive. Evidence-based therapies we use at Sabal Palms Recovery Center to treat co-occurring depression can include: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common type of talk therapy that can be used in individual or group settings. Through CBT, a mental health professional helps clients challenge negative thought patterns, which can allow them to manage stressful situations more effectively. 
  • Individual therapy: In individual therapy, clients meet one-on-one with a licensed therapist who may use CBT or other types of treatment modalities to help them begin to heal from depression. In these sessions, clients can share experiences, express concerns, and receive feedback in a confidential setting. 
  • Group therapy: In group therapy, clients work with others who are struggling with behavioral health concerns. Listening to each other can show clients that they are not alone in the difficulties they’re facing, and it can offer them support and encouragement.  
  • Family therapy: In family therapy, a licensed therapist helps families improve their communication skills so that they can provide support for their loved one who is receiving depression treatment. 

At Sabal Palms Recovery Center, clients take part in up to six hours of therapies each day. Groups may include medication education and psychoeducational groups. We also offer groups that incorporate principles of 12-Step programming. 

Benefits of Getting Co-Occurring Depression Treatment

The specific ways co-occurring depression treatment can benefit you will depend on your individual goals and how the disorder has affected your life. When you get co-occurring depression treatment at Sabal Palms Recovery Center in Brooksville, Florida, we’ll work closely with you to assess your needs, help you identify your treatment goals, and develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.  

At our residential co-occurring depression treatment center, you’ll work with a team of experienced professionals who provide evidence-based therapies in a structured and supportive environment. Our co-occurring depression treatment center is a nonjudgmental place where you will be welcomed, accepted, and respected.  

Taking part in treatment for co-occurring depression is not a passive experience. Your treatment team will encourage you to play an active role in your care so that you can become an advocate for yourself and take ownership of your continued progress.  

An important added benefit of receiving depression treatment is that you can come to understand that you are not alone in the struggles you’re facing. Our depression treatment professionals, along with a community of peers, can be a source of valuable support for you. 

Part of your treatment at Sabal Palms Recovery Center will involve identifying the people who can form a personal support network. This network can help you make sustained progress in the weeks, months, and years after your time at our recovery center. This support can help you build self-confidence and create new ways of thinking. As you build confidence and develop coping skills, you may experience improved functioning and a more satisfying quality of life.  

Additional benefits that can result from receiving depression treatment include:  

  • Better focus and concentration  
  • Improved performance at school or work  
  • Sharper thinking and improved memory  
  • More self-control  
  • Stronger connections with friends and family  
  • More energy  
  • New coping strategies  
  • Improved mood  
  • Better sleep  
  • Increased interest in socializing  

The team at our Brooksville residential co-occurring depression treatment center provides exceptional care that can help you experience these types of life-changing improvements.  

Finding the Right Co-Occurring Depression Treatment Center

Finding the best residential treatment center for addiction and co-occurring depression is an important investment toward improving your mental health. An effective treatment center will ideally have the following:  

  • Licensed and accredited therapists and other staff members  
  • A variety of therapies and services that address a wide range of needs  
  • Treatment philosophies that match your goals and values  
  • An array of appealing activities and amenities  
  • Aftercare planning that can provide clients with recommendations for ongoing support services after they’ve completed treatment  

Sabal Palms Recovery Center features these services and resources, with all care delivered in a safe and welcoming environment. If you have any questions about the services available at our co-occurring depression treatment center in Brooksville, Florida, please contact us today. We are available 24/7 to help you get started. 

Getting Help at Our Co-Occurring Depression Treatment Center

When people do not receive treatment for co-occurring depression, they are putting themselves at risk for a number of negative outcomes, including continued substance use, health problems, and job loss. In the worst cases, it can also lead to self-harming behaviors and suicidal thoughts. Without support from qualified professionals, it can be difficult to heal from co-occurring depression. 

For many people, receiving care at a residential treatment center can be the beginning of lifelong healing. Located less than one hour from Tampa, Florida, Sabal Palms Recovery Center offers comprehensive residential treatment for people who are struggling with addictions and co-occurring depression. Set on 10 acres of beautiful grounds surrounded by natural live oak trees, our treatment center is known for delivering unique and effective care.  

Clients at our recovery center typically enter treatment at the detox level of care. They can spend between five and seven days in our detox program before transitioning to our residential level of care. On average, clients spend 21-30 days at our residential treatment center. However, this varies from person to person depending on their needs and the progress they are making. 

During their time at our treatment center, clients can receive daily medication management services and basic medical care as needed. Our qualified medical staff, including nurses and psychiatrists, provides these services for clients. 

When clients prepare to leave our residential co-occurring depression treatment center, their case manager and individual therapist go through the types of aftercare services they might best benefit from. We know that managing co-occurring depression symptoms can be an ongoing part of life for our clients, and we want to empower them as they continue on their healing journeys.  

To learn more about the many reasons why our residential treatment center in Brooksville, Florida, may be the perfect place for you or a loved one, please contact us at your convenience.