Start Working With Us Today

Sabal Palms Recovery Center works closely with professionals in the community to deliver excellent treatment for the clients we serve. At our treatment center in Brooksville, Florida, we partner directly with trusted medical and behavioral health professionals to make sure that each client receives the care they need. 

Our Valued Partners

At Sabal Palms Recovery Center, we partner with various referral sources to offer evidence-based therapies and services for adults who are struggling with addictions and co-occurring mental health concerns. These professional referral sources play a crucial role in connecting individuals with lifesaving treatment. 

We work with referral sources throughout the community, including: 

  • Behavioral health professionals 
  • Members of the local judicial system 
  • Primary care providers 
  • Emergency room providers 
  • Community agencies 

This list does not include all the referral sources we collaborate with, and we are open to receiving referrals from many kinds of professionals. We invite you to contact us to discover more about how you can refer a client to our care. 

Our Referral Process

If you have a client who might benefit from detox and residential treatment, we encourage you to refer them to our recovery center. We’ve designed our referral process to be straightforward and efficient so that we can start caring for your client quickly. To initiate the referral process, simply call our admissions team. Our knowledgeable intake coordinators are available round-the-clock to answer any questions you or your client might have regarding our programming. Additionally, they can assist your client in beginning the admissions process with an initial screening, which helps us determine if our services are the right fit for their needs. 

What To Expect

As a referring professional for Sabal Palms Recovery Center, you are connecting clients with specialized experts who can help them heal. We are here to help your clients live a life free of addiction and achieve their goals. 

With your client’s written consent, we can provide you with updates on their progress during treatment. As a professional referral source, you can have peace of mind knowing that your clients are accessing the services and therapies they need for their continued recovery. 

We understand that a lengthy referral process can be a barrier for someone getting the care they need. At Sabal Palms Recovery Center, we prioritize providing a smooth and efficient referral process. Your clients are safe with us, and we look forward to collaborating with you to provide them with quality care.